Editorial Wedding Photography: Capturing The Beauty Of Love In A Unique Way

Ubud Wedding at Bisma Eight Bali Editorial Style Photography
Ubud Wedding at Bisma Eight Bali Editorial Style Photography from www.gusmank.com


Wedding photography has come a long way in the past few years. From traditional poses to candid shots, there are now various styles of photography that can be used to capture the essence of a wedding day. One such style is editorial wedding photography. In this article, we will discuss what editorial wedding photography is, how it differs from traditional wedding photography, and why it is becoming increasingly popular.

What is Editorial Wedding Photography?

Editorial wedding photography is a style that is inspired by fashion and editorial photography. It is all about capturing the beauty of the couple in a unique and creative way. Unlike traditional wedding photography, which focuses on capturing the events of the day as they unfold, editorial wedding photography is more about creating a story and capturing the emotion and mood of the day in a cinematic way.

The Difference Between Editorial and Traditional Wedding Photography

The main difference between editorial and traditional wedding photography is the approach to capturing the day. Traditional wedding photography is more about documenting the events of the day, whereas editorial wedding photography is about creating a story and capturing the emotion and mood of the day. Editorial wedding photography is also more creative and artistic, with the photographer taking a more hands-on approach to directing the couple and creating unique and stunning shots.

Tips for Editorial Wedding Photography

If you’re considering editorial wedding photography for your big day, here are some tips to keep in mind:

1. Get to Know Your Couple

One of the most important aspects of editorial wedding photography is getting to know your couple. Spend time with them before the wedding day, get to know their personalities and style, and find out what they want from their wedding day photos.

2. Find Inspiration

Before the wedding day, spend time finding inspiration for your shots. Look at fashion and editorial photography, and think about how you can incorporate those styles into your wedding photography.

3. Use Unique Locations

Editorial wedding photography is all about creating unique and stunning shots. Think outside the box when it comes to locations – use the architecture, natural surroundings, and other elements to create a unique and memorable shot.

4. Direct Your Couple

Unlike traditional wedding photography, editorial wedding photography requires more direction from the photographer. Be confident in your vision and direct your couple to create the shots you have in mind.

5. Edit Your Photos in Post-Production

Post-production is an important part of editorial wedding photography. Use editing tools to enhance your shots, add drama, and create a unique and cinematic look.

Why Editorial Wedding Photography is Popular

Editorial wedding photography is becoming increasingly popular for a few reasons. Firstly, it allows for more creativity and artistic expression, which appeals to many couples. It also offers a unique and memorable way to capture the beauty of the couple and their love story. Finally, editorial wedding photography is often more cinematic and visually stunning, which appeals to couples who want their wedding photos to have a high-end, editorial look and feel.


Editorial wedding photography is a unique and creative way to capture the beauty of a wedding day. By following these tips and embracing the artistic and cinematic nature of editorial photography, you can create stunning and memorable shots that will be cherished for years to come.

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